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Over the years, I have watched health care professionals from physicians to nurses to respiratory therapist; struggle with picking the right stethoscopes. With the right stethoscope you not only get reliable objective data and assessments about your patient’s condition, it also ensures that these assessments are accurate.

Topnotch Stethoscopes is here to help every health professional and student choose the perfect stethoscope that does the best for that dream job of yours.

Our Company Mission

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Topnotch Stethoscopes is here to help all health care professionals, including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, midwifes, allied health care professionals and students, in choosing the perfect stethoscope suited to their needs.

A Little about Me

Hi there! Welcome to Topnotch Stethoscopes.

Ever since I could remember, being a health care professional has been a big passion of mine and when I graduated from high school I decided to go into the nursing program.

In my first year as a nursing student, I struggled with picking a good stethoscope that was best suited for my student needs. I remember buying a crappy stethoscope that did not work well, so that it was very difficult to hear the heart and lung sounds. This led me to struggled in my clinical classes and also increased my stress level in the nursing program.

I ended up passing nursing school and now that I am a graduate and have more insight about stethoscopes. I want to give back to other nursing students.

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The stethoscope kit collection comes with a blood pressure cuff, penlight and a stethoscope.