Engraved Stethoscopes: Personalizing your Stethoscope to Suit your Style

personalized littmann stethoscopes

For health care professionals and students, a stethoscope is an important instrument for patient assessment and can sometime be seen as a badge of honor for working in the health care field.

Most health care professionals and students spend a few hundred dollars to buy a good stethoscope that will last them through their entire career.

Having an engraved stethoscope is important because it can help you personalize your stethoscope and prevent it from being stolen.

OK let’s just say that you choose not to get your stethoscope engraved. Is that a wise decision?

Well let me tell you a true story.


Cindy’s Story

When I was in nursing school I had a very close friend lets just call her Cindy (that is not her real name).

It was our first year in nursing school and we were so excited to get a  brand new stethoscope and also to get it engraved.

We both wanted to get the Littmann Classic III because we had heard so much good things about that stethoscope.

I personally wanted an engraved stethoscope because first of all, I knew that no one could steal my stethoscope.

And the other reason was that I thought it was cool.

And so I told my friend about it and we both decided to get a stethoscope and have it engraved.

We went to our local shoppers drug mart to check it out. It was a couple hundred dollars.

Now, I remember knowing how much it would cost because I had already done a bit of research on stethoscopes earlier.

When we got there, Cindy was a bit surprised by how much the stethoscope was.

She decided to buy it anyway since she needed it for her  clinical placement and she had no choice.

I remember paying an extra $20 on top of the original cost of the stethoscope to have my name engraved on it.

At the last minute Cindy changed her mind about getting her stethoscope engraved because she thought it was way too expensive.

Which is very understandable because we were students, we had no jobs and everything was pretty much expensive for us at the time.

Later, Cindy was placed in a Postpartum unit and she was so excited to start using her stethoscope, She used it to listen to patient heart, lungs and stomach sounds.

Everything was going great until a few weeks later when she lost her stethoscope.

Someone stole her stethoscope and she never found it!

When she told me about it, I felt so bad because I knew how much she paid.

I offered to give her my stethoscope but I knew that eventually she would have to buy a new one.

Anyways, Cindy ended up having to buy a brand new one, but this time, she opted for a much cheaper and lower quality stethoscope.

Obviously, she made it through nursing school but that stethoscope did not.

Luckily she received a brand new quality stethoscope as a gift on graduation day and it was also engraved!

Now I told Cindy’s story (which is a true story by the way) so that you can understand what can happen if you choose not to have your stethoscope engraved.


Should I have my Stethoscope Engraved?

Stethoscope engraved

Most people do not know the benefits of having their stethoscope engraved.

If Cindy’s story did not convince here are some other reasons why you should get your stethoscope engraved:

  • It saves you the cost of having to buy a new stethoscope
  • It prevents your stethoscope from being stolen
  • If your stethoscope gets lost at work people can who find it can easily identify its owner because the owner’s name is on it.
  • Engraved stethoscope are perfect graduation gifts to congratulate your loved ones who are in the healthcare field. Think about it, doesn’t it feels extra special to receive a stethoscope with your first and last name on it?


The Different ways of Engraving your Stethoscope

1. Laser Engraving your Stethoscope Parts

This is a method of engraving that does not require the use of ink but rather a laser beam is used to mark or print letters on the parts of your stethoscope such as the tubing, chest piece or the headset.

The end result is a permanent precision mark that personalizes your stethoscope.

personalized littmann stethoscope

2. Engraved name or Id tags

This type of engraving uses either an ink or a laser beam to mark or print letters on your stethoscope.

The end result depends on individual preference and choice but it goes a long way to prevent loss or theft.

stethoscope name engraved


What Kinds of stethoscope can be Engraved?

Most quality stethoscopes such as Littmann, MDF, ADC, Welch Allyn and so on can be engraved.

Some companies also offer free engraving service when you purchase their stethoscope.

For individuals who have a stethoscope and are not sure if it can be engraved, Please contact your manufacturer before attempting to engrave it.


What part of the stethoscope can be Engraved

You can choose to engrave the tubing, the headset or the chest piece of your stethoscope, depending on what you are looking for.

I suggest engraving the chest piece of your stethoscope because it is the most valuable part of your stethoscope. But again, it totally depends on what you want.

If at any point, you decide to do a laser engraving, it is recommended that you engrave the chest piece portion of the stethoscope instead of the tubing.

This is because, in some cases, laser engraving the tubing of the stethoscope can cause permanent damage to it, depending on how it is done. You do not want to take that chance!


What Name should I use when Engraving my stethoscope?

stethoscope name engraved

If you are thinking of engraving your stethoscope and you do not know what name to use, you have come to the right place.

To engrave your stethoscope always use your full name that way the stethoscope can be fully identified as yours and yours alone.

Use your full name that is your first name, middle initial (if applicable) and last name.

For people who have a very long first or last names can go ahead and use their first initial, middle initial (if applicable) and last name.

For instant, if my name was Jane Chelsea Doe, I can use Jane C. Doe as my engraved name and if my name was Jane Cunningham. I can use J. Cunningham. You get the idea!

If you are a professional healthcare provider, you can go ahead and add your designation to your name. For example Jane Doe RN or Jane Doe MD e.t.c.

I have seen students use designations on their stethoscope such as RN to help motivate them to do well in nursing school.

Refrain from doing this as it may be illegal to use a designation that you are not qualified for such as RN or MD.

Also, it could be seen as deceptive or misleading to your patients even if that was not the original intention.

Finally, if you are a student and would really want to have your designation engraved on your stethoscope, I suggest just using your first and last name for now and then when you become a registered healthcare professional then you can go ahead and add your designation.

Can I Engraved my Existing stethoscope?

The answer is yes. At anytime you can engrave your stethoscope whether it is brand new or old. Some companies offer engraving services for existing stethoscope.

If you want to engrave an existing stethoscope and you are from the US, visit medisave.net and they will be able to help you engrave your existing stethoscope

If you live in Canada visit their website here at stethoscope.ca


The Essence of Engraving

should I engrave my stethoscope

It is essential to have personalized stethoscopes because as mentioned earlier it prevents your stethoscope from being lost or stolen and it saves you the cost of buying a new one.

Thus, it is a wise decision to use engraved stethoscopes or engraved Name/ID tags as they provide the best solution to this problem.

What are your thoughts on this article? If you have any feedback, questions or concerns I would like to hear from you.

Please share with your comments in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Does engraving a stethoscope damage or inhibit it’s ability to function properly? I’d imagine they must be pretty sensitive and I don’t know how important the shape and material of the listening parts is to them working properly. If there’s not danger in damaging their function, this seems like a great idea, especially for someone who works in a hospital where I imagine there would be thousands and thousands of stethoscopes!

  2. Very informative article thank you. I think one should definitely engrave or use ID tags on your stethoscope, will advise that to my husband who had to buy a new one the other day as he has lost it at the hospital. And it is such a cool way to personalise something that has value and that you use every day. 

  3. i am a health care professional but I never knew that stethoscopes are engraved and I never observed any engraved stethoscopes ever since I became a Dental Therapist. I so much appreciate you for writing such an article and this will save me the stress and bitterness of loosing my stethoscope to anyone.

    I have equally learnt the methods and reasons for engraving my stethoscope and would love to search for where to engrave my stethoscope here in my country. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

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